12 Aug 2020

Missing Persons: Western Australia

Continuing the series inspired by National Missing Persons Week in Australia, today: Western Australia.

Iveta Mitchell

Missing Since: May 3, 2010
Missing From: Parmelia, Western Australia
Year of Birth: 1972
Age when last seen: 38
Age Now: 48
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Iveta Mitchell was last seen leaving her home on Mears Avenue, Parmelia at 1am on Monday, May 3 2010. Following an argument with her husband, Chad, over money, she left the house saying she was going for a walk to clear her head, cut across the local park, and has not been seen since. Concerns grew when she failed to return in time for Mothers' Day, as she doted on her three children. On May 18, Chad found his wife's wedding and engagement rings on their front doormat. In September 2010, police conducted a dig and forensic tests at the family home where Iveta was last seen, and also searched the quarry where Chad Mitchell worked. In October 2010, police announced they were treating the disappearance as a homicide investigation. Chad Mitchell claimed that the argument with Iveta was regarding his spending their mortgage payments on drugs; Chad was convicted of property offences uncovered during the investigation into his wife's disappearance. 

Richard Milgin

Missing Since: December 10, 1993
Missing From: Looma, Western Australia
Year of Birth: 1969
Age when last seen: 24
Age Now: 51
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Richard Milgin and his girlfriend, 23 year old Julie Buck, were last seen in Looma, Western Australia, on Friday December 10 1993. The couple's relationship was forbidden under Aboriginal traditional law and when they disappeared, it was thought they had eloped to escape local disapproval. However, the body of Julie Buck was discovered near Looma in December 1994 by a group of boys gathering native food. There was no sign of Richard and his bank account and social security details have not been accessed since his disappearance.   

Thawatchai (Ben) Jaroennet - Lewis

Missing Since: June 28, 2010
Missing From: Leeman, Western Australia
Year of Birth: 1992
Age when last seen: 18
Age Now: 28
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Thawatchai Jaroennet-Lewis was last seen leaving his house at Quandong Street Leeman, Western Australia at 11pm Monday 28 June 2010. Thawatchai took some instant noodles and a bottle of water with him, saying he was going for a walk; he didn't take his phone, money or other belongings with him. There has been no sign of him since and family members were concerned about his mental welfare.

Lisa Mott

Missing Since: October 30, 1980
Missing From: Collie, Western Australia
Year of Birth: 1992
Age when last seen: 12
Age Now: 52
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Lisa Mott was last seen at 8:30pm on Thursday October 30 1980, on Forrest Street, Collie, waiting to be picked up after a basketball game. Lisa was last seen talking to someone in a yellow panel van and it is strongly suspected that serial killer David Birnie is connected to her disappearance, as he drove a yellow panel van and was working in the area at the time. Birnie was questioned several times about Lisa's disappearance, but always denied involvement; he took his own life in jail in 2005. 

Donelle Newberry

Missing Since: Late 2005
Missing From: Warburton, Western Australia
Year of Birth: 1977
Age when last seen: 28
Age Now: 43
Sex: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Donelle Newberry was last seen sitting in a group of people in a dry creek bed near Warburton some time in November or December, 2005. Donelle has not contacted friends or family since that time and police inquiries have failed to find any sign of her.


Australian Missing Persons Register http://www.australianmissingpersonsregister.com/

Australian Federal Police Missing Persons https://missingpersons.gov.au/ 

If you have any information on this or any other unsolved case, please contact Crimestoppers

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